Club Head Speed

The best way to increase club head speed is by using a lighter weight driver. This will create less air resistance, which means you can hit the ball with more power. Choosing the right heavier shaft for your current swing speed will help you make adjustments gradually and accurately if needed.

What is club head speed and how does it affect my game?

What is club head speed and how does it affect my game

Club Head Speed or C.H.S. is a term used to represent the speed of the head of the golf club at impact with the golf ball. Most players are shooting for a C.H.S. around 120 to 130, but this number can vary depending on your distance off the tee, how tall you are and what type of pitch shot you’re making. Anything between 100 to 140 is considered normal.

The club head speed can affect the distance you hit the ball, as well as how accurate the ball goes. If you have a fast swing speed, then you will hit the ball farther than someone with a slower swing speed. Also, a faster swing speed will give you better control over the ball, resulting in more accuracy.

How do I know my Club Head Speed?

One way to measure your club head speed is with a Swing Analyzer. The swing analyzer is an interactive device that analyzes your golf swing and calculates speed and power. It uses high speed cameras, motion sensors, and accelerometers to track every detail in your golf swing and quickly presents it in a graph format on the screen.

How can I improve my club head speed?

First, you’ll need to know your current swing speed. The best way to improve your club head speed is by choosing a lighter weight driver, which will create less air resistance and will allow you to hit the ball with more power.

For each swing, place a tee in front of the ball at the point where you want the ball to start and tee up your club using the standard set up that feels comfortable for you. You should hold your club like this throughout your entire backswing.

How to choose club head for speed?

How to choose club head for speed

When choosing a driver, one of the most important factors to consider is the club’s head speed. Driver heads come in various weights and different materials, so finding a club that has a weight that suits your game can go a long way to getting more power on your shots. If you’re not sure which type of club is right for you we recommend checking out Ryder cup live streaming free who use drivers with different weights in them. You may find that they have more power shots than others due to their heavy shafts weighing down lighter ones.


Choosing the right driver for your game is essential if you want to increase club head speed. The weight of the club will impact how fast it moves through air and this can make or break a shot depending on what type of material it’s made out of. With this in mind, the best drivers are made of titanium because they are not only lightweight but also sturdy and can be used to increase accuracy and spin.

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