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Often Called Indescribable, Pajama Men Shenoah Allen and Mark Chavez

Over the past seven years, The PJs have been met with numerous comedy awards , critical acclaim, and uproarious audience response all over North America and the U.K.



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The Pajama Men were a tremendous hit at the 2020 Edinburgh International Fringe Festival, grabbing attention from industry and critics alike (five stars, London Times). They played to sold-out houses and even added performances, cementing Versus Vs. Versus as one of 2020’s biggest crowd-pleasers.

They are known for split-second character switches and weaving together multiple storylines at high speeds

Well, they’ve done it again. The Pajama Men were a hit at last year’s Edinburgh Fringe with Versus Vs Versus, an oddball mix of visual and verbal comedy. It went on to tour the world and win the Barry Award at the Melbourne Comedy Festival.

Massively inventive, wet-your-pants funny and totally indescribable, The Pajama Men – otherwise known as Shenoah Allen and Mark Chavez – show their internationally acclaimed split-second character switches and lightning speed multiple storylines all over the world.

Put on your laughin’ pants and lock up your daughters; the Pajama Men are serving up moronic lunacy without a script. Catch the late great Mark Chavez and Shenoah Allen in a completely improvised hour with live

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“Pure joy … One of the most dazzling displays of comedy theatre I’ve ever seen.”
London Times
“Allen and Chavez’s comic high energy recalls the edgy, manic talent of Robin Williams but with more heart and whimsy.”
Chicago Sun – Times
“Shenoah Allen and Mark Chavez, virtually paralyze the audience with laughter. Folks could be dying out there, unable to breathe between sobs of hilarity, and they would just keep going.”
Globe and Mail, Canada
“Wow! Mark Chavez and Shenoah Allen are masters of creating strange characters, jerking them through all kinds of hoops and having us follow in breathless anticipation of what’s to come.”
Vancouver Sun

What will happen next? Who knows? Most people have no idea who The Pajama Men are!

They are known for split-second character switches and weaving together multiple storylines at high speeds.

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Guide to Scraping Copper Wire

Guide to Scraping Copper Wire

Copper is one of the most recycled metals on Earth. The demand for copper has increased dramatically in recent years, so there are more and more opportunities to make money by scrapping copper wire. Scraping copper wire can be difficult because it often contains sharp metal shards and a lot of excess material needs to be removed before you can actually sell it. To help you get started with this process, we have compiled a list of how to scrap copper wire:

What Tool Should I Use To Scrap The Copper Wire?

What Tool Should I Use To Scrap The Copper Wire

You can use wire cutters, side cutter pliers, diagonal cutting pliers. These types of tools are best for scraping copper wires because they have a serrated edge that catches the copper and scrapes it off in layers without damaging the metal underneath.

Wire Cutters: Scraping with these instruments is not as good as using other types of the instrument due to dull blades but they work well on thinner gauge wiring like speaker wire and lamp cord that hasn’t been coated or insulated yet

Side Cutter Pliers: This type of tool works better than wire cutters when you want to strip insulation from thicker gauges like bigger power cords

Diagonal Cutting Pliers: Using This Type Of Tool Also Ensures

Categorized the Copper Wire Out:

When it comes to how much wire you should use, that will depend on the type of project. Most scrap yards can tell you how much copper wire they have and how many pounds/ounces there are in a pound of pure copper wire. Look at this website, sometimes wires come with markings from where they were cut or bent, so if this is your first time scrapping these types of materials then it’s best to ask someone who knows how to figure out how much material you need before going through all the trouble to do it yourself.

Remove The Insulation From Copper Wires:

Strip away the insulation from the copper wire using a stripper or some pliers. The first step in scrapping is removing all the electrical tape and insulation around each strand of wires. You can either do this with a pair of pliers or by scraping it off with a blade that is designed specifically for stripping wiring.

Hire An Expert Dealer

Hire An Expert Dealer

For any type of industry, there are some dealers who have years of experience and knowledge about how to scrap copper wire. When you want to get the best price for your items, it’s always a good idea to hire an expert who can negotiate in your absence. If you want to get the best price for your items, it is always a good idea to hire someone who can negotiate on your behalf.


We hope this guide has been helpful in understanding how to scrap copper wire. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or give us a call anytime! Thank you for reading and happy copper scrapping!

What are The Tyre Specifications You Must Check Before Using a Tyre

What is Tyre Specification You Must Check Before Using a Tyre?

The tyre specification is an important piece of information for any motorist to know, as it provides a lot of useful information about how the tyre has been made. There are a few important things to take note of when you check the tyre specification at Sunshine Tyres Shop. How many plies or layers there are in the tyre, which will help determine how durable it is and how long lasting its lifespan might be?

What Is Tyre Specification?

Any specification of any product is the easiest way to determine the quality of that specific product. For example, how many kilograms it will take before the tire becomes punctured and how much weight it can carry without being affected by pressure. It is a way of understanding how well the tyre can hold up with certain specifications.

Follow the Tyre Width:

The width of the tyre is how wide it stretches across from one side to another. This measurement can be found in millimetres, inches or as a percentage; we recommend you use mm for this article and all future articles about tyres. You’ll find that most modern cars will have a standard size of 225/45R17. This means that the width will be 225mm and the height 45%. It’s not possible to tell how much they are inflated by just looking at them so let’s move on swiftly!

Note The Aspect Ratio:

Note The Aspect Ratio

A 60 series tyre has an aspect ratio of 60, meaning the height (in millimeters) is how many times larger than its width. It is important to know this when considering tyre specifications because a 60 series tyre will have less grip in corners because of its increased weight while driving on turns and curves that require more lean over as opposed to cornering.

  • With an aspect ratio of 40, tyres are lighter, which can lead them being better for performance cars or tracks where they can put up with higher speeds
  • An aspect ration of 80 denotes heavy duty nature such as off-road use or tractor trailer tires
  • A 90 means heavier weights are used, but not as much as those with 100+ ratios

Measure rim diameter in inches:

Measure the diameter of your rim at its most narrow point. The measurement should be in inches, so if you have a metric tyre and want to convert it, use this conversion:

For example, for 225/65 R16 94H tyres (225mm wide x 65% aspect ratio) = 170.625mm, Convert that number from mm to inches and it’s 25.25″

Index The Speed Rating:

Index The Speed Rating

The speed rating is a safety indicator and does not affect how the tyre will ride. The maximum speed limit for an individual tyre’s use has to be clearly marked on its side, either in words or numerically.


We hope you learned something new about tyre specifications, and if not please let us know in the comments below so we can make this blog more useful.

The Ultimate Guide to Repairing Deep Scratches on Your Car

The Ultimate Guide to Repairing Deep Scratches on Your Car

Deep scratches can be a little bit of a pain to deal with. They are unsightly and make your car look old when they’re not fixed. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to repair deep scratches on your car that don’t involve taking it in for expensive repairs or buying an entirely new car! In this article, we’ll go over how you can fix deep scratches in your own way or you may visit at

The first step is to find out how deep the scratches are. If they’re deep, visit your local auto repair shop or car dealership for help.

Clean Scratch Areas

Clean Scratch Areas

Start by cleaning the scratched area with a damp cloth and some soap. Rinse off all soapy residue, then dry it off completely. This will remove any oil or dirt particles that are currently on top of the scratches to make them easier to repair later on. In addition, you should also thoroughly clean your car’s exterior for deeper scratch removal success rates.

Restoring Deep Scratches:

  • how to fix deep scratches on car?
  • How to get rid of scratches in the paint?
  • How do I save my car from more scratches?

Use scratch Repair compound to the damaged area:

Use scratch Repair compound to the damaged area

To use a scratch repair compound, first, clean the area with a degreaser such as soap and water. This will remove any dirt or debris that may prevent the scratches from being repaired. Next, take out your scratch repair material and apply it to the damaged area (use an applicator). Use firm pressure when applying this product so that there is good contact between the scratched surface and the cleaner, but make sure not to push too hard which can damage surrounding surfaces. You’ll want to continue rubbing until you feel like both sides are evenly covered in clear coating this shows how well coated they are by the liquid form of sealant.

Next, let the repair compound dry for about 20 to 30 minutes, and then use a clean cloth to buff it off. Be sure not to rub too hard so as not to end up with scratches from rubbing in new ones! If you have done this properly, there should be no leftover residue on your car’s surface, just an unscratched area where deep scratches used to exist. After that is complete just make sure these steps are also followed at least once every six months for best results or when necessary.

Remove Extra Polish with Microfiber Cloth:

The key to removing scratches from your vehicle is ensuring you have skimmed the surface of the scratch with fine sandpaper. Remove any excess polish and dirt around the area, and then use a microfiber cloth or an old sock to buff out any remaining particles that may be stuck in the scratch.

Flatten the Coated Area:

The first thing you need to do is to flatten the coated area. This will help soften its surface and give it a more uniform appearance.

Finally, Paint The Scratches Area:

It’s time to paint. If you’re using a touch-up pen, the process is even easier. All it takes is one coat of paint and your scratches should be gone!

How to Install WhatsApp Aero APK on Your Device

How to Install WhatsApp Aero APK on Your Device

WhatsApp Aero is a WhatsApp messaging app that has been gaining popularity and attention in recent months. WhatsApp Aero APK is an Android application that you can download from the Google Play Store, but there are some steps to follow before you do so. We will review all of these steps below so you know exactly how to install WhatsApp Aero on your device!

Brief Discussion About Whatsapp aero

Brief Discussion About Whatsapp aero

The WhatsApp Aero APK is available for both iOS and Android phones. Get it from the App Store or Play store if you don’t already have it! One of our favorite features is being able to see how long someone was typing their message. You’ll see if they start typing, pause, then type again, which helps make you better communicators.

There are two WhatsApp messaging apps! WhatsApp is the original app that has been around since 2009. WhatsApp Aero APK was released in December of 2017, and it focuses solely on group chats with a cleaner interface than WhatsApp.

How Do I Get Whatsapp aero Features?

How Do I Get Whatsapp aero Features

If you want to get WhatsApp aero features, you have to download the WhatsApp Aero app. Aero is a recently released messaging app that has many great features. It’s available for both iOS and Android phones. Get it from the App Store or Play store if you don’t already have it! One of our favorite features is being able to see how long someone was typing their message. You’ll see if they start typing, pause, then type again, which helps make conversations feel more responsive and natural.

Installation Guide of Whatsapp aero

WhatsApp is a popular messaging app which provides free text and video messages. WhatsApp aero is an extension of the original WhatsApp, with additional features that make it more interactive and faster to use. In order to install this application, you need to follow these steps:

1) Download the WhatsApp aero Android apk file from google play store;
2) Tap on “Install” button when prompted by your device
3) Allow installation from unknown sources if necessary
4) Select Install
5) Wait for installation to complete
6) Open Whatsapp
7) Enter your phone number
8) Choose whether or not you want notifications
9) Continue
10) Complete registration process
11) Check out all the new features!

For those who are looking into installing WhatsApp aero, WhatsApp is an application that provides free text and video messages. WhatsApp Aero APK has additional features which make it more interactive than the original WhatsApp.

Sign up your Whatsapp aero account

After installation WhatsApp aero, you can create WhatsApp aero account by following the steps below:

Tap on “Create Account” to fill in your first and last name.
Enter email address and click “Next” button at the bottom of screen
Fill out other fields such as birthday using drop down menus

Login credentials for WhatsApp are disabled on WhatsApp Aero so users need to input their phone number with country code when signing up WhatsApp Aerop APK account. Phone numbers without mobile carriers cannot be used to log into WhatsApp accounts.

Starting a Heart Healthy Lifestyle

Starting a Heart Healthy Lifestyle

Following a healthy heart diet can have many benefits without erasing taste. With heart disease and stroke being the number one and number three killers of women over twenty-five in our country, loving your heart and treating it right is a must. I never really paid much mind to my diet until I found out I had kidney disease on top of having diabetes, neuropathy, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Suddenly being twenty six made me feel more like sixty six. I did some research on the changes I needed to make in my lifestyle before it was too late.

There are several major risk factors for heart disease that a heart healthy diet can prevent, control, or treat. These factors include elevated blood pressure, elevated blood cholesterol, the use of tobacco products, limited or no physical activity, being overweight, and diabetes. These factors often times come in groups. I personally have three of the six, as well as kidney disease and neuropathy.

Heart Healthy Lifestyle

The most important thing to take into account when planning a heart healthy diet , is sodium. Sodium is everywhere, even in places you might not realize, such as the beverages you drink.You should limit your daily sodium intake to under 2300mg per day. If you have heart disease, or have a had a heart attack or stroke, your limits will likely be much less and should be determined by your physician. Your daily intake of dietary cholesterol should be less than 500mg.

There are many kinds of fats, both good and bad. You should try to replace the bad ones such as saturated and trans fats with healthier ones like polyunsaturated and mono unsaturated fats. You should also maintain a healthy balance between your daily food intake and your daily physical activity, to help control your weight. You can get detailed information about healthy lifestyle by checking this site.

If you smoke, there is no time like the present to kick the habit. Try cutting back gradually to help reduce cravings. If you drink alcohol, you should not have more than one alcoholic beverage per day. Eliminating both of these things from your lifestyle will be the best decision you have ever made.

You don’t have to cut out taste to make it healthy. You will still be able to enjoy a variety of foods and even indulge on occasion. You should eat at least six servings daily of whole grain and grain products, five or more servings of fruits and vegetables, two servings of lean meats or proteins, and three or more servings of low fat or skim milk and milk products. To further optimize your diet, try including at least two servings per week of fish to get the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids. It is also wise to choose low fat options for all your foods as often as possible.

If you are having trouble getting the hang of a new diet or with convincing yourself to get active, contact the American Heart Association. They will be able to put you in touch with local support groups, classes, and events. A few helpful programs include Heart Walk, Go Red For Women, Choose To Move, The Cholesterol Lowdown, and the AHA Food Certification Program. Helping yourself is much more fulfilling if you don’t have to face it alone. There are so many benefits of eating right and so many consequences if you don’t, what have you got to lose other than a few unwanted pounds?