What Does Supplement Mean

The definition of supplement is to make up for something. A supplement is a special section of a book that adds important information or corrects an error. The same thing applies in the verbal sense, where supplement means “complement,” and complement means “supplement.” A dietary supplement is another word for a vitamin or mineral supplement. It is also known as a compendium. A person who adds extra information or corrects an error will receive a supplement, which is the same thing as a compliment.

What does supplement mean?

supplement mean

┬áSimply put, it is a component of something else. It can be part of a book or it can be an additional piece. Sometimes, a supplement is a book that contains important information. It can also be an appendix that corrects an error. It’s important to remember that supplement doesn’t mean “appendix,” as that’s another word for appendix. It’s not a supplement, but an addition to a document that provides additional information. A document would be incomplete without an appendix. A document’s index is a list of names, topics, and page numbers.

The meaning of supplement is an additional ingredient or component that can improve your health. It can be a supplemental reading, or an additional support. It can also be a cost. The supplementary cost of a project is the general cost of a project. It includes general maintenance, taxes, and depreciation and obsolescence. Some supplementary activities are meant to reinforce the content of a Core Lesson.

Types of Supplements

Supplements are important for your health. When you’re taking medications, you may need supplemental coverage to keep your medication from affecting your health. These types of supplements can be a part of your routine. In many cases, supplements can be purchased online to give you a better choice when it comes to purchasing a new prescription drug. A good way to get the right coverage is to research the different types of supplements available. This way, you’ll know what to look for.

A supplementary activity is an activity that is not required to be included in the Core Lesson. A supplementary activity is a supplement that you add to the core lesson. It is an extra source of information. If it’s a supplemental article, it will be more useful to your health. If you have an important article or are writing a book, a supplementary reading will help you make it more relevant. The supplementary reading will help you make sense of it.


The word supplement is derived from the Latin word “supplementum”. It literally means a “supplement” that is added to something. It can be the same as a complement, but the meaning is different. It means to add an extra element to something. A supplement is a form of a complement. It is the same thing, but it may have different meanings. In this case, the term refers to the additional item.

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