Paint is the most versatile of all arts and crafts products. It can create temporary art on a canvas or permanent artwork on a wall. The versatility of paint has led it to being one of the most popular items in any craft store, with shelves upon shelves lined with dozens of different colors, brands, and textures. With so many options available for purchase, how does one decide which ones are best? This article will take you through five mistakes people often make when buying paint and provide some recommendations for what types to buy instead!

Buying Cheap Paint for No Reason

Sometimes, people will buy the cheapest paint they can find because it’s inexpensive or because they think it’s no different from the more expensive paint. This is a mistake! Well-known brands are not only known for their quality paints, they’re also known for their professionalism and reliability. When you use cheap paint, you likely won’t get a smooth finish or even coverage and your walls may end up looking splotchy or uneven after having been painted. If you’re painting a room, then the paint is one of the most important factors for the result and cheap paint will make it look terrible! If you’re looking to save some money, then consider purchasing standard paint and using a primer as the base coat. Also, remember that you can always use leftover paint on another project in the future!

Using the Wrong Paint for the Surface

You may have heard of the “right” kind of paint for a certain surface, but what does that actually mean? This type of paint is called an acrylic emulsion, and it mixes latex with acrylic to give you a longer lasting paint. For walls, this is the only paint that should be used as it can last for over 15 years and is easy to clean. Acrylic emulsion paint may be more expensive than other kinds of paints, but if you can afford it, then use it. For a cheap alternative to acrylic emulsion paint, look for latex or oil based paints.

Taping Off the Wrong Way

While taping off the edges of a room may seem like a simple task to accomplish, make sure that you’re doing it correctly. One of the biggest mistakes that people make when taping off a room is not using enough tape! If your paint ends up going over the lines, then your work will be ruined and you’ll end up having to redo it all. When painting a wall or any other surface, use plenty of tape and make sure it’s pressed down firmly. You can also use painter’s tape, which is ideal for the job as it won’t leave smudges or sticky residue behind if you remove it.

Using the Wrong Type of Paintbrush

It may seem like buying a paintbrush should be common sense, but there are actually several kinds to know about. The best kind of paintbrush for a novice painter is the one that has long, soft bristles that are easy to use and allow you to avoid any mistakes when painting. For professional painters, short-handled brushes with stiff bristles work best as they can be used for detailed work. Remember that not all paintbrushes are created equal, so look for the best, most comfortable option when out shopping!

Not Preparing the Surface

In order to get a smooth finish on the surface you’re painting, you need to properly prepare it first. Otherwise, your work won’t turn out well and you’ll end up having to start over again. Clean the surface well before painting it and remove all dirt, grease, grime, or any other debris that may be present on the surface. Don’t forget to prime the wall as well if you want a smooth finish!


When used correctly, paint is one of the most versatile products available for many projects. From doing a quick home improvement project to decorating a space, paint is always useful! If you’re ready to get painting, then follow these tips and tricks so that your work turns out perfectly.

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