Having a car problem is always stressful. But knowing when you need to call a tow truck can save you time and money.

Whether you need to have a flat tire replaced or have been in a collision, HONK has a network of professional towing companies ready to help. Here are a few reasons why you might need a towing service:

1. Flat Tire or Blowout

One of the most common reasons to need roadside assistance is a flat tire or blowout. A flat tire can be very dangerous if it’s on a busy road. Without the support of air pressure, a flat tire is likely to collapse or drift away from the rim, putting you and other drivers in danger.

If you have full auto insurance coverage or a roadside service plan, towing will usually be covered. However, if you don’t have either of those and have to pay for towing out-of-pocket, it can be expensive.

You can avoid the hassle and expense of a flat tire by changing it before you get on the road. Also, consider switching to run-flat tires, which can help you drive for a short distance after a puncture.

2. Locked Keys

Locked Keys

If you lock your keys in the car, it’s important to have a reliable towing San Jose service on call. A reputable towing company will have trained and licensed technicians who can unlock your car quickly and safely. They should also be able to handle both local and long-distance towing services. Keep in mind, however, that there may be additional charges for services like nighttime or holiday towing and fees for winching if the vehicle is stuck in mud, snow, or on a hill. Also, there is usually a per-mile fee for towing the car after it’s hooked up. This can add up fast, especially if you are stranded far away from home.

If you can’t get into your car, it’s always a good idea to stay calm and call 911. The police will try their best to open the car, and if they can’t, they will dispatch a towing truck.

3. Dead Battery

If you have a dead battery, a tow truck can help. The driver will bring your car to a garage, service center, or dealership where the battery can be replaced.

Many people mistakenly assume that roadside assistance companies will jumpstart their cars, but this is not always true. Roadside assistance companies will only fix a car battery if it falls within the terms and conditions of their contract with the insurance company.

Many tow truck drivers know how to perform a jumpstart on modern vehicles without damaging the on-board electronics. Also, they can diagnose a problem with the battery and recommend an appropriate solution. They are also more likely to have a spare battery in their truck than most people. This makes them the best choice when you have a dead battery.

4. Running Out of Gas

If you’re out of gas, a towing company will bring you the emergency fuel your vehicle needs to get to a gas station. You’ll pay a little more for this service than if you just ran out of fuel, but it’s a lot safer than getting stranded on the side of the road.

In addition to bringing you fuel, a tow truck will also offer you a ride back to your home or work. This is especially helpful if you have to leave your car at work for the day.

Some people choose to keep a phone number of a local towing company in their contact list, or even in their car. You can use a service like HONK to request help from nearby tow truck providers, who are vetted for professionalism.

5. Accident

When an accident occurs, you need a towing service that has a permit and insurance. This ensures that they can safely transport your vehicle from one location to another, without putting you or the driver at risk of injury or property damage.

A towing company will ask you a few questions about the situation and then determine how best to move your vehicle. They will then give you a price for the total service.


Having a towing service is a good idea, especially for anyone who often travels or lives in different areas. It can be difficult to predict when your car will break down, so having the number of a reliable towing service in your phone can save you from stress and anxiety.

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