The Benefits of NooLVL

eSport gamers demand the best in mental focus and reaction time. nooLVL is a patented complex of Bonded Arginine Silicate with an additional optimized dose of Inositol, a safe and non-stimulant ingredient developed by Nutrition21.

A recent clinical study showed that nooLVL significantly improved short-term memory and reaction time in a group of gamers after 15 minutes of supplementation during a gaming session. It also boosted energy levels and perception of vigor.

Improved Cognitive Function

Improved Cognitive Function

Gaming is a highly cognitive activity that requires quick reaction time, mental focus and visual processing. As gamers become fatigued, they are prone to making errors that can lead to frustration and anxiety. Adding nooLVL to a gamer’s regimen can make them more alert, reducing errors and improving accuracy.

A patented ingredient from Nutrition 21, nooLVL is used in a number of supplements designed for the eSports and gaming community. It is a non-stimulant ingredient that has been clinically shown to improve cognitive performance in a variety of tests and mood states while boosting energy1 without negatively impacting heart rate or blood pressure.

The patented complex of bonded arginine silicate and inositol increases brain nitric oxide production, boosting cognitive function, increasing energy levels and promoting focus and mental acuity. It was developed and clinically studied in a gaming population by the team at Nutrition 21. The results were nothing short of impressive. This ingredient is available in a variety of supplements, including ready-to-mix powders and RTDs.

Enhanced Reaction Time

Reaction time is the amount of time it takes to perceive a stimulus and respond to it. It can be affected by several factors, such as familiarity (if it is something we have encountered before), preparation (being alert and prepared), state of the organism (being fatigued), age, temperature, etc.

Gaming is a fast-paced activity and requires quick reflexes to stay ahead of the competition. However, after hours of playing, gamers’ reaction times tend to decrease, resulting in errors that can lead to frustration and anxiety. NooLVL helps boost gamers’ short-term memory, so they are better equipped to make the right decision at the right time. It also improves cognitive flexibility, processing speed and selective attention. It is a patented complex of bonded arginine silicate with an optimized dose of inositol that was designed and tested for esports gamers by Nutrition21. The ingredient is clinically shown to be non-stimulant and increases energy1 levels, focus+ and accuracy without negatively affecting heart rate and blood pressure.

Reduced Error Rates

Reduced Error Rates

Gaming requires gamers to make a myriad of decisions in the spur of the moment, requiring cognitive awareness and rapid response. Gamers can become fatigued during long gaming sessions and as a result, are more prone to making errors that can negatively impact their game play. The patented ingredient nooLVL, which is available in products like Glytch, boosts cognitive performance and reduces error rates. It is a non-stimulant nootropic ingredient that is clinically proven to improve visual attention, accuracy and reaction time. It has also been shown to increase energy levels without affecting heart rate or blood pressure and is used in a variety of eSports supplements, including RTD beverages, powder products and gummies.

Developed by Nutrition 21, nooLVL is a patented blend of bonded arginine silicate with an optimized dose of inositol that has been clinically studied in a population of gamers. The study showed that compared to a placebo, nooLVL improved error rates and enhanced reaction times in gamers. It is a safe and effective non-stimulant ingredient that works in synergy with other ingredients such as caffeine to provide an optimal eSports supplement experience.

Increased Energy

Boosting cognitive performance requires a lot of mental energy and stamina. Gamers are known to get tired and lose their ability to think clearly during long gaming sessions, which is why many look for dietary supplements that can help them remain focused and energized throughout the game.

NooLVL is a powerful non-stimulant ingredient that has been clinically shown to improve gaming performance in gamers. It is a patented complex of bonded arginine silicate and inositol that has been shown to increase energy1 levels, reduce fatigue, enhance working memory and focus, and improve reaction time and accuracy.


This powerful ingredient from Nutrition 21 increases nitric oxide production in the brain to boost energy, improve focus and concentration, and reduce errors that can occur due to fatigue or stress. The result is better performance during intense gaming sessions and more success in competitive play. It’s no wonder that nooLVL is being included in a growing number of esports supplements on the market.

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