Cognizin is a branded form of Citicoline, a natural nutrient that supports brain health. It boosts energy levels without the ‘crash’ associated with stimulants like caffeine and other synthetic substances.

It has been proven to support the communication between neuronal cells, improving overall brain health. The nutrient also supports healthy brain metabolism and helps protect neural structures against free radical damage.

1. It’s a Natural Nootropic

1. It’s a Natural Nootropic

Cognizin is a patented form of citicoline, an essential neuronutrient that supports healthy brain metabolism and communication between neurons. It also protects neural structures against free radical damage and supplies phospholipids vital for healthy brain function.

To maintain focus and concentration, your brain needs a steady stream of energy and healthy communication between neurons. It also needs acetylcholine, an important brain chemical that regulates cognitive function and improves memory recall.

Citicoline supports healthy mitochondrial activity, which in turn boosts ATP (your body’s main energy storage molecule) in brain cells to support mental sharpness. In addition, it promotes the production of phosphatidylcholine (phospholipids) necessary for brain health and function.

2. It’s a Stim-Free Brain Booster

Cognizin is a stimul-free brain booster that can increase focus without the jitters and fatigue associated with other sports nutrition supplements. It also supports your body’s natural energy metabolism and provides phospholipids that help protect brain cells against free radical damage.

Cognizin is a branded form of Citicoline, a nutrient that promotes the production of phosphatidylcholine, or phospholipids, which are essential for healthy communication between neurons. Phospholipids are present in over 30% of your brain and make up the membranes that surround your neurons.

3. It’s a Natural Energy Booster

It’s a natural energy booster that helps boost brain metabolism, support healthy communication between neurons and protect neural structures from free radical damage. It also supports the production of ATP, which is a key molecule that fuels cell activity and drives chemical synthesis.

Taking Cognizin is an easy way to enhance focus and attention, improve concentration and recall, and maintain overall brain health. It helps reduce mental fatigue, so you can be focused and sharp when you need it most!

It’s a cholinergic and brain energy booster that helps increase the levels of acetylcholine in your body. This is a critical brain chemical, as it regulates many of the neurotransmitter systems. It also may enhance synaptic plasticity and neuronal repair.

4. It’s a Natural Stress Buster

4. It’s a Natural Stress Buster

Cognizin is a branded form of the brain-health nutrient Citicoline that supports healthy communication between neurons, normal levels of acetylcholine and protects neural structures. It also enhances the synthesis of phospholipids, a fatty substance that makes up 30% of your brain’s cell membranes, which are key to maintaining efficient communication between your neurons.

This is why it’s a key ingredient in The LYMA Supplement, alongside Sensoril(r) Ashwagandha, Bacopa and other natural nootropic ingredients. It’s a proven way to improve your focus and concentration and keep you sharp at work.

5. It’s a Natural Memory Supporter

Cognizin is a proprietary form of citicoline, a brain-health nutrient that has been clinically studied to support mental energy, focus and attention. It is a water-soluble phospholipid that facilitates membrane fluidity and plasticity, fortifies cell membrane structures and enhances neuron communication.

It also supports the production of phosphatidylcholine, a major neurotransmitter for brain health. This molecule is vital to memory, concentration, alertness and thinking.

Kyowa Hakko, an international health ingredients manufacturer and world leader in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals, manufactures Cognizin through a patented fermentation process to deliver top quality and purity. It is a vegetarian, allergen-free and self-affirmed GRAS ingredient.

6. It’s a Natural Sleep Aid

Cognizin is a branded form of Citicoline, a natural molecule produced endogenously in all living cells. It’s a choline-rich compound that’s also a precursor for the synthesis of important phospholipids.

It’s also a good ole fashion sleep aid, thanks to a clever combination of ingredients. The most significant of these is a branded form of -hydroxybutyric acid (HBBA) which has been shown to stimulate brain activity, even in the presence of sleep deprivation. 


In addition, a -hydroxybutyric acid derivative, hydroxybenzoic acid (HBOB), has been found to increase the amount of acetylcholine, the chemical behind memory and concentration. The other patented ingredient is a polyphenol-rich compound called dihydroartemisinic acid (DHA). It has been proven to boost levels of the brain’s acetylcholine, the substance that enables you to dream.

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